Friday 3rd February: Vert Woods, Past, Present and Future


Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Join us for an inspiring evening of talks on your local woodland’s rich history and vibrant future! Aimed at anyone interested in, or involved with, or affected by, Laughton Woods, whether you are a neighbour, a dog walker or simply interested in the Community Woodland, the evening will consist of three talks:

PAST: Hilary Hinks, a volunteer with the Woodland Trust, will give us a potted history of Vert Woods, including the social history obtained from interviews with people who have lived here all their lives.

PRESENT: representatives from Plumpton Agricultural College will explain what the students are learning and achieving in the woods with an introduction to deer management; Marina Robb will talk about ‘Circle of Life’ forest school activities and how Nature Connection benefits families and children; an introduction to Forest Schools; Stewart Boyle will discuss last year’s Sweet Chestnut Coppicing Course to illustrate the sort of courses being run in Vert Woods.

FUTURE: Christine Meadows will present the Vert Woods Woodland Management Plan. Stewart Boyle will talk about the Community Benefit Society (CBS) being set up to manage Vert Woods and what this means for community involvement.

Additional information and how to book.

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